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Nandi Bulabula Incorporated is a black owned law firm that was established
in March 2001. It is a firm of highly qualified professionals who have vast
experience in the legal profession. Through their involvement in business they
are well positioned to bring goodwill to any alliance or client they choose to be
involved with. This is achieved by utilising a network of different customers and
allies in business to develop better products and service for our clients.

The firm is 100% owned by a black woman and is committed to excellence,
innovation and professionalism.

The people behind the team are a key to success. Young and energetic with a
zest for life is contagious and rubs off on the staff. Not only do we have young
ones but also the more experienced members of the profession. What a better
combination can one possibly have than the young go getters trained and guided
by the highly experienced.

Executive Management

Ms. Nandi Bulabula

Ms. Bulabula obtained her B Juris degree from the University of Fort Hare in 1994. In 1996, she obtained an LLB degree from the University of Durban-Westville. In 1997, she completed the Practical Legal Training course and served her articles of clerkship with Tau Phalane and Ramapuputla Attorneys in Pretoria where she dealt mainly with civil litigation, third party claims (i.e RAF matters from the plaintiff’s side) and criminal law. Ms. Bulabula got admitted as an Attorney in October 1998.

Immediately after admission, she worked for the Road Accident Fund in Pretoria for 2 years where she got exposure in dealing with personal injury matters from the Defendant's side thus broadening her experience even much wider.

  • In March 2001, Ms. Bulabula founded Nandi Bulabula Attorneys where she still specializes in drafting and reviewing of commercial contracts, negotiations and litigation on commercial disputes as well as reviewing of agreements and opinions on a wide variety of legal subjects. Realising a challenge in the property industry coupled with her dream of being involved in the transformation of this industry from the legal perspective, Ms Bulabula developed an interest in conveyancing and was admitted as a conveyancer in 2005.

    In her relentless effort to have the firm's services, experience and expertise accessible to most South Africans, Ms Bulabula identified a challenge in the previously white dominated area of Plettenberg Bay and she seized the opportunity to become the first black attorney practicing in the area. In 2007 Nandi Bulabula Attorneys started a branch in Plettenberg Bay where Ms Bulabula specializes in Local Government consulting and litigation as well as conveyancing.

    This is where Ms Bulabula does a lot of pro bono work for the majority of historically disadvantaged individuals in the area.

    In 2009 Ms Bulabula got admitted as a Notary Public of the High Court of South Africa and she is presently an Attorney certified to appear in the High Court of South Africa in terms of Section 4(2) of Act 62/1995.

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    Offered Services

    Corporate & Commercial Legal Advisory Services

    Drafting of various Agreements , Incorporation of Companies , Mergers and Acquisitions ; Deal structuring and Documentation ; Due Dilligence and forensic investigations ; Joint Venture structuring ; Statutory Compliance. Drafting , reviewing , ehancing aand aligning credit policies and loan agreements of the para-statals with the Public Finance Management Act, Treasury regulations and the National Credict Act.

    Legal Consulting & Legal Opinion

    Conducting of extensive research studies, auditing of laws and drafting of various reports. Advising on numerous laws impacting on the legislative reviews and policy developments of the government. Providing legal opinion on various legal issues including but not limited to interpretation of statues, Public Finance Management Act, Municipal Finance Management Act, Treasury regulations, National Credit Act, regulatory pieces of legislation on national , provincial, local government, e.t.c

    Property Law & Notarial Practice

    Conveyancing (Transfer and bonds registration), Consolidations, Sub divisions, Township Establishment , Sectional Title Schemes, Property Tax, Drafting of Sale Agreements, all Notarial work including Notarial bonds, Servitudes, Exclusive Usage, Prospects Rights, Mineral Rights, Long Term leases as well as providing advise on all property related matters.

    Local government Practice & Litigation

    Advice on policy and legal issues: Restructuring processes in terms of Local Government Legislation: Review and Drafting of by-laws and relevant municipal policies: Conducting of Municipal Land audit, Review of Municipal Lease Agreements: Debt collection services; General labor issues; statutory compliance (including implication of the Municipal Finance Management Act and Municipal Structure Act); Advice on procurement procedures; policies and regulations.

    Road Accident Fund

    Taking instructions from clients. Assessing the prospects of success of claim taking into consideration the provision of the Road Accident Fund Act 56 of 1996, its amendment as well as the Road Accident Fund Regulations of 2008, providing advice and legal opinion to clients. Instituting third party claims against Road Accident Fund. Negotiating the settlement and drawing of settlement agreements. Consultation with witnesses and attending Court , where necessary.

    Our firm prides itself with the experience gained over the years when dealing with RAF claims and has settled many million Rand claims with RAF.

    Vision,Mision,Values & Committment

    Through constant high quality work and excellent services, the firm aims at being one of the most influential and successful law practices in the country which offers its clients comprehensive, efficient and informed advice.
    Presently Nandi Bulabula Attorneys has its offices
    in two provinces i.e Gauteng and Western Cape (Pretoria and Plettenberg Bay respectively) and it
    is the vision of the firm to spread across the whole country and be represented in most Provinces to ensure that its excellent services are available to most South Africans.
    Our mission is to always strive for excellence, efficiency, professionalism and promptness so as to give our clients nothing but the best. Upon completion of any task, as our clients look back it is our mission that each should say "What a great choice I made by using the services of Nandi Bulabula Incorportated."
    Company Values
    Nandi Bulabula Inc. is an independent law firm with the highest principles of integrity that are never compromised. The firm regards maintaining a high standard of ethics as our responsibility and not a choice.
    The practice is committed to high quality of work and services. We at Nandi Bulabula Inc. believe that it is through hard work, relentless effort, sheer dedication and personal sacrifice that we can produce the best results for our clientelle. This attitude gives us a competitive edge.

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    1000 Arcadia Street, Between Hill & Festival street Pretoria. 007. South Africa.

    Telephone: +27 (012) 342 1465
    FAX: +27 (012) 343 9319 / 086 249 6352


    Suite 17C, Upper Mall Florina Place, Main Street Plettenberg Bay 6600, South Africa.

    Telephone: +27 (044) 533 6721
    FAX: +27 (044) 533 5587 / 086 249 6352

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